Inobitec DICOM Viewer

2.1. Open Series

Select a study from the study panel. There are five ways to open a series:

  • Click the Image viewer PIC button on the toolbar.
  • Double-click the left mouse button on the study title on the toolbar.
  • Double-click the left mouse button on the series icon on the series panel.
  • Drag the series icon to the study panel holding the left mouse button.
  • Right-click the mouse to call the context menu for the series icon, and select one of the options in the Image viewer item.

The series will open in a new tab.

If nessesary, change the sorting order of images. To do it, right-click on the image to open context menu, select the Image sorting item, and then select one of the displaying modes:

  • No sorting;
  • Sort by image number;
  • Sort by image position and phase.

The current order is marked with flag. The defaulf sorting order is defined by the Sort by parameter (see Section 14.5.1).

The series panel will be displayed on the left. To hide/show it select the main menu Image and the Quick series list item or move the cursor to the panel border so that it would look like this: PIC and drag the border holding the left mouse button. The series panel is shown in Fig. 2.1.

The DICOM Viewer allows you to open multiple series at a time or the same series multiple times. All series are opened in separate windows of the same tab, and their position will depend on the settings described in Section 2.8.

To open the selected series in the Volume Reconstruction or Multiplanar Reconstruction window, click the Volume Reconstruction PIC or MPR Reconstruction PIC button on the toolbar respectively.