Inobitec DICOM Viewer

8.2. PET Analysis View Elements


Functionality is available in a separate module which is activated in the Pro edition for an extra fee

The PET Analysis window has four view windows. You can change the default view mode for the current session. You can switch the mode with the mode button on the toolbar. The button will look different depending on the current mode:

PIC 3D MIP mode
PIC Mono-PET mode
PIC Mono-KT mode
PIC Fusion PET+KT mode

To switch the mode, activate the respective window by left-clicking on it, click the mode button and choose the mode you need from the menu. The current mode is highlighted in blue.

The upper left-hand window, by default, shows the 3D MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection) for the CT series (3D MIP mode). Mono CT mode may be switched on.

The upper right-hand window, by default, shows the PET series (Mono PET mode). 3D MIP mode may be switched on.

The bottom left-hand window shows the CT series (Mono CT mode).

The bottom right-hand window, by default, shows the fused CT + PET series (Fusion PET+CT mode). The image displayed in the window is the same as in the fused series window (see Chapter 4). Mono CT and Mono PET modes may be switched on.

On the left, you can see the Series List panel showing all the series for the study. To open the required series in the PET Analysis window, drag it into the window. The MIP window may only be used for PET series, but you can drag PET, CT or fused series to other windows.

Double-click any of the four windows with the left mouse button to unfold it. Please, note that you shouldn‘t activate any of the measuring tools, annotation tools or the magnifier with the left mouse button.