Inobitec DICOM Viewer

DICOM Viewer\ Functionality


Available inedition
Lite Pro
View flat images with the following options:
rotate, pan, zoom, mirror
change window width and level
view several images or a series of images simultaneously, and synchronize scrolling automatically
calibrate image size
show image scout lines on other series images
measure length, angles
play series images subsequently as a movie
choose image resampling filter in the Flat Images View window
add comments, labels and various graphic elements on images
measure Cobb angles and intensity at a certain point or in a certain area
export the model to a graphic file or to a new series of DICOM images
DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography)
Cerebral Perfusion
edit CLUTs
browse DICOM image tags
Diffusion Tensor Imaging(DTI) support
calcium scoring
View three-dimensional tissue reconstruction with the following options:
rotate, pan and zoom the model
view scaled-down multiplanar reconstruction of the series simultaneously (with automatic synchronization)
remove bone tissue
cut the outside and inside parts of the model
MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection)
measure length, angles
export the model to a graphic file or to a new series of DICOM images, including export of several images obtained by rotating the model
add markers and line markers
build the surface by the model
View multiplanar reconstruction with the following options:
view axial, frontal and sagittal sections of tissue
rotate cutting planes in space
3D view
measure length, angles
build a section of a spatial model by a random surface
export sections of any of the planes with a selectable increment to a series
add markers and line markers
mixed RGB colors Fusion
Virtual endoscopy (viewing the inner surfaces of cavities in tissues) with the following options:
automatically and manually navigate the inside a cavity
build cavity surfaces
view scaled-down multiplanar reconstruction of the series simultaneously (with automatic synchronization)
Merge series with the following options:
remove bone tissue for DualScan and DualEnergy studies
build three-dimensional models based on multiple series of images of the same tissue in different modes
quickly switch to a full-scale view of three-dimensional reconstruction, multiplanar reconstruction and virtual endoscopy of the model built by merging series
stitch images
View electrocardiogram with the following options:
measure time intervals and values on graphs
using filters
Print images on paper or film using a DICOM printer with the following options:
adding reference images
exporting pages to the PACS server for printing
Open\save file using Native OS dialogs
Set up the interface and the DICOM Viewer functionality with the capability to export and import the settings configuration
Tool control with the left, the right and the middle mouse buttons
High resolution monitor support
View DICOM tags in a separate window
Minimize application window to system tray
Integrated help system
Create series display templates for various modalities
Write data to CD, DVD and flash cards
Integration with PACS servers
Store data in a local storage
Work as a PACS server, support C-FIND and C-MOVE
Save studies to the folder
Edit patient name and study description on the Local Storage
Anonymize studies and series
PLY format surface import
Embedded WebViewer
Register images
Record video from viewing windows (only available on 64-bit builds)

Additional modules to the Pro edition, purchased separately:


Short Description

Vessel Analysis Virtual endoscopy of vessels. Only available on 64-bit builds
Coronary Arteries Analysis Virtual endoscopy of coronary arteries. Only available on 64-bit builds
PET Analysis Analysis of the study containing the PET series with the capability to view the MIP of the PET series, CT and PET fusion, CT and PET series separately, measuring SUV
Extended Segmentation The opportunity to save and open segmentation projects