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Inobitec DICOM Server

Inobitec DICOM Server (PACS) — software for transfer, archiving and Web-access to medical images (studies), obtained from medical equipment of various manufacturers.

To get the Inobitec DICOM Server (PACS) for your Linux version or with the support of another DBMS send a request to

Inobitec DICOM Server (PACS) end-user license agreement (September 2020).

INOBITEC software user satisfaction survey.

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Inobitec DICOM Server (PACS) 2.2.0 for Windows 7 x64 or later, Windows Server 2008 x64 or later, MySQL 5.x or PostgreSQL 9.4 or later About release

Inobitec DICOM Server (PACS) 2.2.0 for Linux (CentOS 7), MySQL 5.5-5.6 or PostgreSQL 9.4 or later

InobitecDicomServer-CentOS7- InobitecDicomServer-CentOS7- About release
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