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Inobitec DICOM Viewer
Inobitec DICOM viewer More

Inobitec DICOM Viewer — software for visualization, archiving and exporting of medical images of DICOM format, obtained from medical equipment of various manufacturers.

  1. Installs on all versions of popular OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  2. Does not impose high system requirements
  3. Provides advanced functionality for working in 3D
  4. Contains a detailed user manual in English
  5. Registered as a medical device in Roszdravnadzor
  6. Available in several editions and at affordable prices

Free trial period - 1 month.

The Web version release is scheduled for early 2020. CE certification is expected in late 2020.

Last version
Last update 2020-02-10
Inobitec DICOM Server
Inobitec DICOM server More

Inobitec DICOM Server (PACS) — software for transfer, archiving and Web-access to medical images (studies), obtained from medical equipment of various manufacturers.

Last version
Last update 2019-12-04
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