Astrocard-Meditek develops, manufactures and implements in medical practice medical equipment for cardiology, designed for high-level cardiac surgeons.


As part of the creation of a national cardiac cardiovascular system, our companies are actively working together to develop a hardware and software non-fluoroscopic complex for intracardiac electrophysiological studies of the heart (Astrocard®-CardioEfi II), designed to improve the diagnosis and treatment of various heart rhythm disorders

Features of the project

  • С++, Qt Framework, OpenGL
  • embedding in the hardware cross-platform native multi-monitor software system with graphical user interface
  • complex processing of various signals: movements of the mapping electrodes, ECG with adaptive digital filtering in real time to ensure high signal-to-noise
  • polygonal interactive reconstruction of the heart with three-dimensional visualization, based on the technology of "Fast Mapping", as well as multichannel output of ECG (electrogram)
  • construction and display of various color maps of the spatial electrophysiological activity of the myocardium
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